"Have your wand made by Alivans."
—Alivan's slogan

Alivan's is an American wand shop, specifically within the United States of America. It is run by the Alivan family, and — after the repeal of Rappaport's Law — many young American wizards purchase wands from this shop.


Originally, in the late 1800s, Alivan's started out as an American branch of the Ollivander's wand shop. While it proved popular, communications between the American and British branch proved irksome and often ended in disagreements. By the early 20th century, the then-shopkeeper, Finneas Alivan, eventually cut ties with the Ollivander family, and the production of the Alivan-brand wand began production. This situation proved fortuitous for the young Alivan, as the wandmaker Thiago Quintana had recently died, leaving the American wizarding world ready for a new wandmaker.

Both Ryan Brennan and Douglas Jones purchased their wands from Alivan's.

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