A Chenoo (plural "Chenook"; often misidentified for the similarly dangerous Yeti by some wizards and No-Majs) is magical creature closely related to the European Troll, and is known for having similarly low intelligence and brutality. They are known to be native to the northern, more frigid parts of North America, particularly Canada, but have been sighted in the United States as well.

Behavior and traits

Unlike the Sasquatch, a creature for which it is often confused, the Chenoo is a creature of admittedly low intelligence. They do not live in groups, preferring to lead solitary lives away from their other kind, and meet with other Chenoo only to mate. The female Chenoo raises the young until they are six years old, at which point the young Chenoo can survive on its own, and she abandons her child to resume a solitary life.

Chenoo are known to be exclusively carnivorous, and possess a certain taste for the flesh of humans, though they will eat any meat they can come across. Their propensity for attacking and devouring human beings has led to many legends across both the No-Maj and Wizarding communities, particularly the Native American tribes who know the beast well.

Much like their troll cousins, Chenoo's possess massive strength, capable of ripping tree trunks in half or uprooting trees with minimal effort. However, a capable witch or wizard can dispatch a single Chenoo with a well-placed Stunning Spell; even the Knockback Jinx is known to have favorable results if it collides with the kneecaps, as they are weaker in a Chenoo.


  • The Chenoo itself is a beast known to many Native American mythologies. One of the most common legends to surround the creature is that it was originally a human who comitted a horible crime and was cursed by the gods, to be trapped in the body of a troll-like beast.
  • There was a rumor during Gwendolyn Jones' time at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she managed to subjugate three Chenoo's without a wand; this is naturally just a rumor, as an unarmed witch or wizard would be easily killed by a Chenoo.