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"Old wizarding family, the Cromwells. From Britain, I think. I've heard they're related to those crabby Malfoys. They're America's most famous wizarding family; pure-bloods, the lot of them. You don't see too many of those anymore."
Dion Jones about the Cromwell family[src]

Cromwell is the surname of an American pure-blood wizarding family and is considered one of the most famous. The Cromwells are rumored to be related to the Malfoys, which, if true, would make them related to a majority of the other pure-blooded families still located in Great Britain.


Early history

"The Cromwells profess themselves as the 'survivors of the Salem Witch Trials.' As a result, they set up shop in Salem and intermarry with other pure-blooded families. They are one of the few wizarding families in this post-Voldemort era who still observe such archaic practices as blood-purity."
—an excerpt from The Magical Families of North America[src]
Salem Witch Trials

The Cromwells were survivors of the Salem Witch Trials.

At some point, the Cromwells migrated from Great Britain to America.

Several Cromwell witches were victims of the Salem Witch Trials. As a result, they proudly proclaim themselves "survivors of the Salem Witch Trials," and have rooted themselves in Salem, Massachusetts.

Behind the scenes