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The Fairy-Lights Spell (Fatalux) is a spell which conjure shimmering floating orbs of light of various colour, intensity, and hue.


The spell was first created and popularized in the mid-1600s, when some of the first American settlers had arrived in the New World. Fairies are noted to be far less common in the Americas than they are in Europe, and many who had grown fond of the creatures as decoration purposes came to be forlorn at their lack of presence in their new home. And so, a young woman by the name of Elena Aurian took it upon herself to create a spell that mimicked the traits of the fairies when used as decorative ornaments. The spell itself became so popular and widespread that it is still used in modern times among many American Wizarding families.


The lights will remain in place once conjured, but can be adjusted to fit the user's specifications should they so choose through simple wand movement. The spell could be seen as similar to Lumos in result, but different in application, as the Fairy-Lights Spell is used by the Wizarding world as a spell for decoration. It is said to be extremely popular in places of the world where actual fairies are not commonly found.


The incantation, Fatalux, comes directly from the Latin words for Fairy (fata) and Light (Lux).