"Due to a similar and irksome habit they share with the ordinary Muggle rat — dwelling within house walls — many Chinese Muggles have become perplexed at the sight of their home burned down, with only a large red rat moving away from the wreckage..."
—Excerpt from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, edition sixty[src]

The Fire Rat (referred to in their native China as 火鼠 Huǒ Shǔ and 火鼠 Kaso in Japan) are a species of magical rodent native to both China and Japan. They differ from the non-magical rat in their ability to resist most known forms of fire, as their fur is specially fire-retardant. Due to its fire-resistant properties, the fur of the Fire Rat is heavily prized in both Chinese and Japanese wizarding cloth.

A few decades ago, the Fire Rat was once subject to over-hunting, as many an Asian wizard would try to capture as many of the rodents as they could to use their special fur to craft robes of the same fire-resistant property. In decades to come, the Chinese would realize their mistake, and after its formation, the Chinese Ministry of Magic have placed severe restrictions, classifying their fur as Class B Tradeable Materials — meaning that the Fire Rat fur trade is subject to regulation and control by the Chinese Ministry itself. Illegal poaching and trading of Fire Rat fur can result in severe fines and even imprisonment in the Chinese Wizarding prison.

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