Ilvermorny Crest v2

Here, we store the educational decrees (the wiki rules) given by the Headmaster. These edicts act as the policy for operating the wiki and are enforced by the Administration.


Edicts are to be enforced in the following manner:

  1. First warning
  2. Second warning
  3. Final warning
  4. Temporary block
  5. Longer temporary block
  6. Permanent block

In the case of blatant vandalism, these steps may be skipped and a permanent block can be issued.


  1. Educational Edict #1: Content
  2. Educational Edict #2: Disruption and Harassment
  3. Educational Edict #3: Article Ownership

Archived edicts

This section is for edicts that formerly governed the wiki but were repealed.

There are currently no archived edicts.

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