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"Well, really, he's me. I needed a way of creating a body of historical works that would form the foundation for how magic is understood in the modern United States – at least in my fan fictions – and so I simply did what J.K. Rowling herself did, and made myself apart of that world."
Jacob Kingston on inserting himself into the Potterverse[src]

Jacob Kingston (c. January 1, 1962) was an American wizard of Jewish descent, a magihistorian, and a prolific author, who composed numerous works on the magical history of North America.


"He's the Bathilda Bagshot of the United States – of North America, really. There isn't another magical historian like him."
—Ilvermorny Wiki founder, Jacob Kingston, describes his in-universe incarnation[src]

Early life

Jacob Kingston attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he was young, and was sorted into Horned Serpent.


An exceptional historian, Kingston was one of the few wizards to have gained the trust and friendship of a Sasquatch troop, who allowed him to learn their history, which later allowed him to publish a comprehensive book – the first of its kind – on the subject.

Around the year 2000, he gained widespread acclaim for his publishing of The Magical Families of North America, the first book to address the history of magical lineages in North America.

Published works

Behind the scenes

  • Kingston signs his work as "J.K.," which is both his initials and a homage to J.K. Rowling herself.
  • His birthplace and residence is a reference to the real-life Jacob Kingston's favorite author: Stephen King.
    • Jerusalem's Lot is the main setting of King's Salem's Lot, which happens to be Kingston's favorite novel. Maine is also the primary setting of most of King's works.
  • He is depicted by Lewis Black, Kingston's favorite comedian, and also shares Black's ethnic background.

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