Movers is a term used to refer to comics in the Wizarding world. The term comic is still used, though is less widespread.


Initially far more popular in the No-Maj world, a No-Maj born wizard by the name of Walter Provasi sought to bring such entertainment into the public forefront of the Wizarding community. He could go on to make extensive use of the developing solution that wizards use when developing pictures that allow them to move, and put to practical use in the creation of "Movers"; wizarding comics that occupy far less pages than a traditional Muggle comic, and show an entire strip complete with motions on a perpetual loop.

Their popularity exploded among wizards in the United States, and when a half-blood wizard from Britain visited the United States in the late 1950s, he took the concept with him back Europe, where "Movers" have enjoyed a more lukewarm reception.

The concept would later be spread across the Wizarding world, making it to countries such as Japan as well, where it would be applied to make manga that was available for witches and wizards to purchase and enjoy. Notably, certain No-Maj favorites worldwide have been subjected to being reproduced in the Wizarding world as "Movers", often without the knowledge of the original creator.

Like many objects enhanced with magic, "Movers" are not everlasting, and the magic will eventually wear down, requiring a new "Mover" to be purchased to replace the old one.

Known 'Movers'


  • The term "Movers" mirrors the term "Talkies", which was used in the No-Maj world as a term for motion pictures complete with sound. It also finds its origin in the Legend of Korra animated series, of which the author is a fan.