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Telekinesis (incantation unknown) is a magical ability which manifested in the American wizard Ryan Brennan during his early childhood. It allows him to manipulate a target with his mind.


Early manifestation

"My childhood? Not much to say, really. I was raised by No-Majs in a boring little Southern town, and wasn't very well liked because I could move things with my mind. Totally normal."
—Ryan describes the manifestation of his powers[src]

Ryan's telekinetic powers first manifested when he was very young and were the beginning signs of his magical prowess.


Telekinetic power

A teenage Ryan demonstrates telekinesis.

Telekinesis mimics the abilities of both the Levitation Charm and the Summoning Charm, granting Ryan the ability to lift objects without physical contact and call them to his hand.

At first, this power would manifest whenever he was emotionally disturbed (usually angry), causing objects to fly or shatter violently. It could also manifest as an invisible shockwave, pushing away everything within close proximity.

After beginning his education at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he learned to better control his powers and gained the ability to consciously use them for a variety of effects. As a result, he has noted that he has no need for either the Levitation Charm or the Summoning Charm, as this power is superior to both spells, with the additional benefit of being more versatile.

Ryan unsupported flight

A teenage Ryan discovers unsupported flight.

As a teenager, he was capable of crushing automobiles with this power. He also became one of the few wizards capable of unsupported flight through the use of his telekinetic powers.


Behind the scenes

  • Despite not technically being a spell, telekinesis is considered a form of wandless magic.