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The Unrelenting Force Charm (Ventilabis Loquere) is a powerful charm meant to repel objects.


Through the use of the Unrelenting Force Charm, a user is able to powerfully blast black targets with immense force. When used to its fullest potential this charm throws a target backwards through the air, leaving them ragdolled. This spell is the only one of its kind that damages the target at the point of impact in addition to simply the damage gained from landing. Notably the Unrelenting Force Charm is a spell that is at its strongest when spoken aloud: nonverbal incantations weaken this spells effects, only staggering the enemies as opposed to throwing them back.


The incantation Ventilabis Loquere comes from the latin words for "Push" and "Speak" respectively, indication this spell's strength as a verbal incantation.

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