"The Yoladewe is a beautiful magical bird, indistinguishable from the Muggle whooper swan, except for its pure white colouration. What sets this unique and beautiful bird apart is that it is silent for all of its life, and only sings its first — and last — melodious tune before it dies."
—Excerpt from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, edition sixty[src]

The Yoladewe is a beautiful, pure-white magical bird, virtually identical to the Muggle swan. It is known to be native to Eurasia and Greece, where it has thrives well into the modern century. It behaves identically to the non-magical swan, however, the Yoladewe does not utter a single sound throughout its life — not even whilst in pain. Instead, when the Yoladewe approaches the end of its life, it immediately devotes its final few minutes to singing an alluring, yet simultaneously forlorn, melody. This song is said to be the tale of the Yoladewe's life, and with it is seen by some Greek wizards as a sign of a future blessed life when an infant is born within the earshot of a Yoladewe's song.

Muggles are not entirely unaware of the Yoladewe, however, they see it as merely an albino swan, and are unaware of the creature's magical capabilities. Due to this, the Ministries of Magic within Greece and Eurasia have not considered the masking of the Yoladewe to be of any particular important. It is also often said among wizards that the Yoladewe is where the Muggle phrase "swan song" originated.

Yoladewe Tail feather can be used as a wand core, further proof of the birds magical capabilities, though it is considered inferior to Thunderbird and Phoenix tail feather.

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